mkt ag team

The MKT concept

MKT AG is a Romanian brand! Over time, CONCEPT has become, through the quality of professional services offered to all partners, consulting throughout sales, after-sales assistance and a friendly approach, with technical arguments for everyone to understand.

"We realized quite quickly that the only way to evolve as an entrepreneur in Romania and to offer our partners all the solutions to the problems they face in a day's work, at the office, looking in several places, on several sites, probably to cover as much as possible the needs and shortcomings of the technological flow, is to expand and diversify the range of products and services, coming up with ideas and solutions with immediate effect, being probably the saving option for the partner. at that time, with the deadline already expired. Sometimes they need integrated solutions, they need us as a partner, which can give them the whole range of options, ideas, the whole range of offer and delivery of products, from semi-finished to finished product, packaged, packaged and packaged by carrier. The world to which MKT AG has opened its doors has a modern culture and education, in the spirit and by Western standards, to which we all aspire. "

The MKT vision

To become the first choice of engineers, architects and professionals, our partners.

For innovative and sustainable technological solutions, adapted to the development needs of each branch in which our partner operates, in order to fulfill its full potential and to sustain its personal and professional success.
To become the most profitable investment and partnership choice in Romania, in terms of solutions and innovations in all spheres and all industrial sectors, by capitalizing on all the resources in the technological flow, by capitalizing on the talents and skills of each of us and satisfying the conclusion of win-win business transactions. 2-win.

Viziunea MKT

The MKT mission

We are dedicated to the development of personalized offers, unique for each PARTNER, adapted to the interests, needs and pace of its growth and progress.

We are a dynamic and innovative organization, which develops and promotes new standards of excellence in the field of trade in metallurgical semi-finished products, as well as that of mechanical processing with conventional and CNC machines, as a basis for continuous development. On this foundation are built the specific ideas for the INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS that we offer to all our partners.

We are a center of development opportunities, whose main objective is to choose the best business solution for each partner, to capitalize on all resources and to support him in achieving the development of his business.

Through these facts we are different, we stand out from the competition and we have solutions for dynamic, safe developments and sustainable partnerships.

MKT AG today is a group of companies, with engineering offices located in Germany and Romania and different from other suppliers in its field, MKT AG technology in-house, know-how and references cover the full range of processes: de-stressing leveling, surface cleaning and treatment, X-axis cutting and / or watterjet cutting and cutting and cutting, length cutting, individual packaging and then packaging!

Various technical solutions are available for cleaning and surface treatment, depending on the required efficiency. MKT AG’s portfolio includes soft or strong alkaline technologies, acids, electrolytes, solvents or high pressure hot water.


Nr. R.C. J1/922/2020

CIF: RO 43061745

EUID: ROONRC.J1/922/2020